Friday, July 07, 2006

Intentional Leadership

Intentional leadership is leadership defined by each member of an organization regardless of position. It defines the role of leadership as it plays out on a day-to-day basis and strengthens the organization. Intentional leadership creates a culture that develops all members and holds the expectation that everyone assoiciated with the organization grows personally as well as professionally in all areas.

Intentional leadership is expressed and illustrated by:
  • decison-making based on the beliefs, values, and culture of the organization
  • open communication with and between all members of the team
  • ownership, responsibility, and accountability from, with and by everyone
  • commitment
  • results!

What I'm really saying here is this: while some leaders are born, all of us can become leaders by our intention. Intentional leadership is developed. In fact, I have designed a coaching program that does just that - it develops leaders intentionally. If you'd like more information on my coaching program, please contact me @ 703.791.4741 or email

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