Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5 Ways to Develop Leadership

Leadership can be developed in these 5 ways.
  1. You must believe that leadership is personal and not positional.
  2. You must listen more than you talk.
  3. When you talk, you must say something that really matters.
  4. You can delegate authority, but not responsibility.
  5. You must be authentic. No one will follow a "fake" into battle.

Real leaders are everywhere - not just in positions of power and "leadership." Organizations need good leaders in all areas - top to bottom. Real leaders are the ones who step up and believe in what they are doing. They believe in the people who work with them and for them. They hear what is said and they hear what isn't said. When real leaders talk, they speak of things that matter to them and to their organization. While delegation is often the mark of good leaders, responsibility is never delegated and real leaders step up and accept that responsibility.

The real key to developing leadership is authenticity. Real leaders are the ones who aren't fearful of rocking the boat. Real leaders take charge regardless of the role they play in the organization.

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