Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time Management: Schedule Everything

An excellent way to manage your time better is to schedule everything. Anything that must be done can be scheduled. Your calendar is a structure that can be used to assign specific times for each event or project. Additional tools that can help are PDAs, scheduling software (Outlook), and lap tops.

Now the hardest part of this process is the act of scheduling what needs to be done. This can take place on a daily or weekly basis - whatever works better for you. In just 20 minutes or so, an entire week can be scheduled. The focus for this part of the exercise is to assign the time to either complete the item or project - or time to work on it. Don't think too much about this - just do it!

After everything has been scheduled, honor your commitments. Keep the appointments you have made with yourself. If it is important enough to do, it is important enough to schedule. And because life happens, make sure to schedule some flex time each day for the unexpected. My clients have had tremendous success utilizing this technique. It works for me, too! Try it for a week or so, and see what it does for you and your time management.

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