Friday, June 30, 2006

Keys to Selling Yourself

Today I'll summarize what I think are the real keys to successfully selling yourself in any arena. Here they are:
  • Be approachable. Even in the busiest day be approachable when you are needed. Sometimes just a few minutes for someone else is all that it takes. Schedule the few minutes if you need to.
  • Take strong positions. Even if your position is unpopular, stand by it if you really believe it. This will set you apart.
  • Look the part you want to play. If you want to sell yourself, dress the part, act the part, speak the part.
  • Build relationships - this takes time. Connect with key people and build upon each relationship. Be genuine and enjoy the relationship.
  • Don't be average - be different from the rest. Never settle for less. Finish what you start. Enjoy the ride - every single day.

Next week my topic is leadership.

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